6ix9ine - LOCKED UP PT 2 (Feat. Akon) [Official Lyric Video]

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Tekashi 6ix9ine

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Bence Szűcs
Bence Szűcs 4 години тому
DoGA Vonx 66
DoGA Vonx 66 5 годин тому
Waq Star
Waq Star 5 годин тому
Say what u want about six nine. But he's talented and more realer then the rest of the fakes. He's man enough to acknowledge. This track is hard.
Rick Morgan
Rick Morgan 11 годин тому
Akon got on this and killed it again 👏
Stephanie Flick
Stephanie Flick 20 годин тому
cant cap it its fire and im a guy with THE SPINKLES ON THE ASS IS FIREEEEEEE
Benjamin Rassy
Benjamin Rassy День тому
Ewww why has nobody capped this nark yet
J Constant
J Constant 2 дні тому
ukposts.info/have/v-deo/qn6Ep7CErWNzl4E.html is x100 times better.
alwan hedayat
alwan hedayat 2 дні тому
69 lok akon thisme coment wait
alwan hedayat
alwan hedayat 2 дні тому
69 lok akon thisme coment wait
Quron Williams
Quron Williams 2 дні тому
Too much love
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin 3 дні тому
Cause I'm locked up.. imma snitch to get out.. locked up snitch to get out yeahhhh
Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin 3 дні тому
LoL when you have to pay crazy money to use clout of a far better artist.. my god.. delete your presence
P83 3 дні тому
Listening to this i thought lyrics were whack. But actually seeing them its garbage.
Douglas gamer play 007
Douglas gamer play 007 3 дні тому
ahh essa música são muito boas top demais hein 🔥🔥🔥🔥
LeighCartierx 4 дні тому
Lmfao this shit funny asf
Kaio Vieira
Kaio Vieira 4 дні тому
Shawndreaus Hutchinson
Shawndreaus Hutchinson 4 дні тому
ok i like this
Ayesha Doll
Ayesha Doll 4 дні тому
Release some new shit bro
hector huerta
hector huerta 8 днів тому
This is straight up trash it could have been a way better song had they picked a different artist
Bodiesdown 7 днів тому
Who are u
ᗰāOᖇI ᑭOi ᗪOG
ᗰāOᖇI ᑭOi ᗪOG 8 днів тому
I'm hella late. When did this come out? Lyrics n song is slappn, all🔥
RINA 🤠 8 днів тому
"Got me thinking like..... why the f..k I did that?! Got me wishin' that I could take it all back... Fightin wit these demons... Barely even eatin, barely even sleepin"
Roberto J.
Roberto J. 8 днів тому
Akon used to make great music, and now he's doing this piece of crap... Dear God, music is slowly dying just like brain cells in this Gen Z...
Моргенштерн 9 днів тому
Делай фит с Моргенштерном
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis 10 днів тому
Sounds better then kanyes crap
Horace Mann
Horace Mann 10 днів тому
thanks allah
Horace Mann
Horace Mann 10 днів тому
thanks allah
Horace Mann
Horace Mann 10 днів тому
thanks allah
Horace Mann
Horace Mann 10 днів тому
I have good sound in singing 11:00 1:01 11:11 1:11
M K 10 днів тому
I nerd official video with AKON
wing man
wing man 14 днів тому
The auto tune ruins it
Love Life
Love Life 14 днів тому
Let's be honest, we're here for akon
Tha rude nigga
Tha rude nigga 10 днів тому
Yeah who'll be here for a🐀
William Leite
William Leite 17 днів тому
a historia que eu conto hoje é do meu gatÔ
Victor Delgado
Victor Delgado 18 днів тому
Yoooo wat are ya smoking. I just want to make sure no ones ever passes that shit around to me. Cuz this shit is trash and Akon is a sell out!!!!
максим килязов
максим килязов 18 днів тому
Эври дойду и сода
EAZY A 18 днів тому
Look i domt like 6ix9ine and lot of ppl dont but... this is such a good song and no racizm in it i like to listen this shit
Alejandro Hernández
Alejandro Hernández 18 днів тому
Ejj que melo donde lo vuelvan aser pero con video👁ufff les pega duro
Narrador Fora da Matrix
Narrador Fora da Matrix 19 днів тому
Nice chain
Anthony Rajaofera
Anthony Rajaofera 19 днів тому
it's nowhere near to the original, but I guess the millennials love whatever is thrown at them.
Ashley Pash
Ashley Pash 19 днів тому
The rat ruined a classic akon tune
Ryan Nygren
Ryan Nygren 21 день тому
Who is here from steve will do it !!!??
Vex GP
Vex GP 22 дні тому
a year soon
Build With Sam
Build With Sam 22 дні тому
Joshua Oikle
Joshua Oikle 23 дні тому
People that justify him ratting because he was facing 47 to life make me cringe. He chose to get wrapped up in shit business and bailed out of serious time by ensuring that others had to do it. There's nothing respectable or honorable in it.
Josué Rey
Josué Rey 25 днів тому
Latinos repórtense si aun escuchan este temon merece videoclip 69 🙏🏻🌈💨
Xxxtrntacion and Juci Word
Xxxtrntacion and Juci Word 25 днів тому
Sup bro
Malachi Bracht-Wagner
Malachi Bracht-Wagner 25 днів тому
Its called personality which seems to be something you don't have goof ass boy
Ercan Koko
Ercan Koko 26 днів тому
This beat brings back so many memories 🎶🤦‍♂️ Like if you were born when Part one dropped
God King Chemist
God King Chemist 26 днів тому
When he said “All this time that I spent up in here Got me thinkin' 'bout the things that I did Got me thinkin' like, Why the fuck I did that? Got me wishin' that I could take it all back” I felt that
Cap1 27 днів тому
47!to life! I feelt that I was facing 35
Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa 27 днів тому
Akon is funding a city in Africa. He’s an amazing human being. This song and “Clover Cage - Game Over” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you.🙏🏽🤍
Zay Periodt
Zay Periodt 19 годин тому
Just some guy who loves tech
Just some guy who loves tech 20 днів тому
why clover cage hes honestly just mid
vigl27 27 днів тому
Актив как у моргея
Victor J
Victor J 28 днів тому
Man this album dropped the day my house burned down album was straight fire But yeah my house did burn down this day😭
THONY ABI 28 днів тому
Cmurders Version is better
Marcos Felipe
Marcos Felipe 28 днів тому
Que 💩
OYBEK 77 Місяць тому
FIFTY [××××××]
Jeremiah Victorio
Jeremiah Victorio Місяць тому
jay outlet
jay outlet Місяць тому
ولد الغرب
ولد الغرب Місяць тому
OK Місяць тому
G. Berwald
G. Berwald Місяць тому
from making a song with Styles P to this....Akon messed up
Jean Pierre
Jean Pierre Місяць тому
Soy colombiano tengo 11 años pero pase 3 años en un curso de inglés temaso 69
ashayYT Місяць тому
I don't like 6ix none but he did ok in this
Kendrick White
Kendrick White Місяць тому
Akon never stopped being a good artist, idk if I'm feeling 69 part cause he literally acted like an clown. How you going to be like I'll kill, then always how you be saying the n word then be acting all hard. Just to be all at the end a snitch, then you want people to be really feel sorry for you and relate. And dude not even really with that hood s***, that's sad that these what the little kids look up too
EzKill Місяць тому
I can see where you coming from but I suggest you watch his interviews with akademics. This dude was treated horribly by his own gang.
Tyson Hutchings
Tyson Hutchings Місяць тому
King 69
Valdin Silva
Valdin Silva Місяць тому
Parceira perfeita!!??🖤❤️
Paco Music
Paco Music Місяць тому
Especially with all this auto tune shit. PLUS: "I was facin' 47-Life..." Oh yea, THEN I SNITCHED LIKE A BITCH. NOW U GOT THA REAL G'S "LOCKED UP"! BIG CAREER FAILURE ON AKON'S PART! And he's a REAL r&b G.O.A.T
Paco Music
Paco Music Місяць тому
Man... Akon fucked up with this sequel! WHAT THA FUCK?! Y RUIN A CLASSIC?!!
Jacob smith
Jacob smith Місяць тому
At first this seemed like trash but by the end of the song it was pretty good
Von Von
Von Von Місяць тому
Trash you should of said they go let me out because you snitched lol💯💯
Robert Jefferson
Robert Jefferson Місяць тому
Lohan Messaoud
Lohan Messaoud Місяць тому
Brian Howard
Brian Howard Місяць тому
This sounds so fucking terrible. Way to ruin a good song.
Valentina Tina
Valentina Tina Місяць тому
Don Frost*
Don Frost* Місяць тому
Jesse Janney
Jesse Janney Місяць тому
Trayway 😂
Jesse Janney
Jesse Janney Місяць тому
I commented on my comment 😊 I feel this song got Court in 13 days
Marvin Williams
Marvin Williams Місяць тому
dariusz kukulka
dariusz kukulka Місяць тому
This song is my favorite song by 6ix9ine because i never heard this beat before but 69 is decent to me now
Chawnel Marie❤
Chawnel Marie❤ Місяць тому
#1 favorite from this album hands down this is LIT
Caio Solomons
Caio Solomons 26 днів тому
Nawaf Місяць тому
Song’s good, but I feel like there’s too much autotune used in it. Kinda ruined the nostalgia a bit
P H A N T X M Місяць тому
Can't believe Akon let this beat get ruined like this
Mobile Vídeos
Mobile Vídeos Місяць тому
William Smith
William Smith Місяць тому
Checc out Chris Gutt3r heart stop
DwayneStorm Місяць тому
Damn, this beat hit DIFFERENT. Brought back hella memories
Gary Lohnes
Gary Lohnes Місяць тому
Like like👍
Phan E Pacc
Phan E Pacc Місяць тому
Why the fuck put autotune on a voice as perfect as Akon's??? This is just offensive. I know I shouldn't be taking the time out of my day for this but holy fuck.
Sikandar Pervez
Sikandar Pervez Місяць тому
I love u 💘 69
XX SAMURAY Місяць тому
Hey king this sound is so 🔥
Beluga Місяць тому
This song help me to shit
GS9 I GEPARD Місяць тому
august 2021?
warofmankind Місяць тому
Man rapped no with no no no no... This guy is ass I'm sorry. Tati is his only good song
rdlett1pp yup
rdlett1pp yup Місяць тому
I don't really blame him for snitching, but he's fucking lucky to be alive and needs to stay humble. He's fucking lucky
ArkadyXXXTentacion Місяць тому
Xaiver Howard
Xaiver Howard Місяць тому
Fire 🔥
m b
m b Місяць тому
Akon your rep dropped down by a small amount but its alright tho this music game all about the money
Allen Anderson
Allen Anderson Місяць тому
Mkay Dog
Mkay Dog Місяць тому
im stitched up
Ana Esther Medina
Ana Esther Medina Місяць тому
Ana Esther Medina
Ana Esther Medina Місяць тому
Pablo Monteiro
Pablo Monteiro Місяць тому
احمد وردي Kaso
احمد وردي Kaso Місяць тому
خسر هدا مش رقمها بكل انت قاعد اتغني مع اكون السنغالي مفروض اقل شي 200 مليون مشاهدة بتوفيق من تقدم للتقدم 🇱🇾🇱🇾✈️✈️
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